Aims and objectives:
Aim of our Polytechnic is presenting quality education in matched situation by skilled and experienced lecturers upto the student’s full satisfaction and bringing the institution as the one among the best institution in our country.
  1. To impart and maintain a sound system of human values and academic excellence.
  2. To sublimate learning by providing world class technical education.
  3. To tie up with educational institutions for enhancing academic inputs and performance.
  4. To provide the necessary soft skills to the students, apart from technical knowledge, in order to ensure better placement opportunities.
  5. To encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneur awareness among students by providing necessary input/support.
  6. To provide additional skills to students based on interaction with the industries,particularly in the areas of computing.
  7. To strive for winning by hard work and obtaining quality certificates through ISO certification and NBA accreditation.
  8. To solve global problems through innovative methods.
  9. To motivate the students to get prathiba awards announced every year by Government of A.P.