The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been in existence since the inception of the institute in 2009.Electrical and Electronics Engineering concerns the science and technology related to generating, distributing and consuming electrical energy for the benefit of mankind. Our future responsibility is to achieve this in a safe, sustainable and cost effective way. Electrical Engineers develop, test and supervise the manufacture of Electrical equipment. Some of this equipment includes electric motors, machinery controls, lighting and wiring in building, radar and navigation systems, communication systems, power generation, control and transmission devices used by electric utilities. VISION:- To create an enlightened professionals for facing the challenges in the field of electrical & electronics engineering by imparting core values to the learners and mould them with academic excellence and to create pioneers identifying renewable sources of energy for the benefit of nation. MISSION:- To impart high Quality education in order to mould the learners into globally competitive technocrats who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible.

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